THAT’S ALL ME! Life is the search for oneself. Friedensreich Hundertwasser once said: “He who does not honour the past, loses the future, he who destroys his roots can not grow.“ For many years I asked myself, “Who am I? And, what made me who I am?“ Today, I know. A large part of our selves is pre-programmed into our DNA. Sometimes people ask me, amazed, why it is that I speak such good German. Well, I am German, born in Heidelberg raised in southern Germany. A different, dark skin colour often makes people forget from where one originated. In fact, this question made me curious to find out more about my roots. A DNA test was to reveal some surprises about me: My roots are widely spread, whereby three countries are especially prevalent, in which my closest ancestors spent a lot of time: Germany, Scotland and Africa. A wild mix of varied cultures, colours, design preferences. A mixture that defines me and my personality. A mixture that is perfect for three worlds of living, which I present to you now in my new collection, b.b home passion VI.

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